Homosexuality, Part 1

August 13, 2023 Series: Sexuality and the Mission of God

Scripture: Genesis 1:26–28, Hebrews 4:14–16, Mark 12:28–31

We live in a day where the story of Homosexuality is seen as an appeal to be authentic and true to ourselves. Our inner self and inner voice is where we "must learn who we are." But in God’s kindness, he has actually given us bodies that speak to us and are themselves a “reservoir of meaning.” This means the story and life of homosexuality is offering us a counterfeit to what Jesus offers us, and only in the Lordship of Jesus we do learn both who we are and how our bodies are made to find their fulfillment in him. The great task of the church today is not to bash and abolish the gay community, but to rather draw them to Jesus through our lives of sacrifice and love poured out before all image bearers.

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