What is a Missional Community?

Missional Communities are the spaces where the people of Redemption participate in God's story by living out their identities as a family of servant missionaries.

Each MC lives out their identities differently, but each seeks to gather, go, give, and grow together.

Life on Life

Each MC seeks to foster intentional relationships centered on the Gospel. We press deep into how the Good News of Jesus impacts every reality of our lives, and intentionally meeting and praying together is how we grow into the image of Jesus.

Life Together

MC life is also being together around the everyday stuff of life. MCs eat together, celebrate, weep, recreate together, and even have been known to vacation together!

Life on Mission

Each MC exists for those who do not yet know Jesus. Life on mission looks different in every group. Some groups work alongside some non-profits in Hampton Roads to bring the Light of the Gospel to the marginalized. Others are deeply committed to a neighborhood or area to leverage their relationships together to introduce individuals to Jesus.

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