Stories of the Kingdom

What does life inside the Kingdom of God look like?

One of the more famous aspects of Jesus’ teachings are his parables. In many ways his parables are dear to our hearts, yet I am not sure that we always understand what Jesus is trying to communicate through his parables. His parables are not mere sentimental, moral stories of how to make our lives better. Rather they are stories of who he is and what he came to do, namely bring the Kingdom of God. 

The Wicked Tenants

Scott Osborne

The Noble Man

Scott Osborne

The Unjust Judge

Scott Osborne

The Master and the Servant

Nate Bauers

The Rich Man and Lazarus

Ken Shomo

The Unjust Steward

Russell White

The Lost Sons

Scott Osborne

The Great Banquet

Scott Osborne

The Wedding Feast

Josh Jones

The Rich Young Fool

Scott Osborne