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This Sunday's Corporate Worship Focus: Our God Is Altogether Amazing - Glory

This Sunday will be our last Sunday focusing specifically on who God is by looking at His attributes...Read More

Dancing in the Minefields--Andrew Peterson

I just wanted to pass along this music video that I saw today by Andrew Peterson. It is a great reminder of the marriage covenant that we have made with our spouses....Read More

This Sunday's Focus: Our God Never Changes: Faithful

We are focusing on some of the attributes of God through our music during the month of February. So ...Read More

A Balanced Diet

If you saw the title you might assume at first this post will be about the foods we eat, and it is--in a manner of speaking. But as you're well aware, our minds feast on things as much as, if not more than, our stomachs do. So how balanced is your diet? ...Read More

Union With Christ: Our Answer to True Christianity

This Sunday we will be examining where our true identity lies. We will see how it was not until Leah realized that her identity was in God that she was able to experience true freedom and joy. In the NT Paul underscores that our identity is wrapped up in our union with Christ. We have been freed from the rule and bondage of our sin and freed to be in Christ. Christ now lives in us. To help us prepare for Sunday and more importantly help us begin in growing and realizing our union with Christ I offer this helpful quote for us to meditate upon. In fact, the more we begin to realize our union with Christ, the more we will believe. ...Read More

This Sunday's Corporate Worship Focus: Our God is Like No Other - Holy

Corporate Worship Focus for 20110206 including song set...Read More