Redemption Church is a non-denominational church that desires to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to our surrounding communities by living as a Family of Servant Missionaries. 

If you are new to Redemption, these links might be helpful to get you going:

Matters Pertaining to Redemption

Be Who You Are

In this 2 minute video, pastor Jeff Vanderstelt talks about what it would look like live as disciples of Jesus in the everyday stuff of life, not just on Sundays. Vanderstelt challenges us to see discipleship as something that happens at home, at work, over coffee, and everywhere in between...Read More

Why We Gather Our Missional Communities On The Weekends

If we are the church, why do we need to get together and hear a sermon? If we are the church, why do we have to get together for singing? Isn’t that stuff getting in the way of us being the church? If “real discipleship” is life-on-life, in community, and on mission, how does a worship gathering fit? It seems counterproductive. Here is the kicker: if you are serious about a scattered missional church, you have to gather your communities regularly in one place....Read More