Redemption Church is a non-denominational church that desires to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to our surrounding communities by living as a Family of Servant Missionaries. 

If you are new to Redemption, these links might be helpful to get you going:

Blog: Matters Pertaining to Redemption

Why Do I Keep Doing What I Don't Want to Do?

It’s safe to assume that you’ve been confronted with sin in all of its ugliness today&he...Read More

Authenticity in Community

We instinctively know that following Jesus cannot happen in isolation or in a vacuum void of relationship. Life must be lived out with others and sitting in a pew one hour a week is not shared life. In fact, Christian community is confusing without authenticity. How do you carry someone’s burden if you don’t know them? How can we be authentic if no one knows our name?...Read More